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The original of NATURE CARBON could be traced back to the year of 1985. It is the dream of Nature Carbon that is to be the world class manufacturer of Activated Carbon. Nature Carbon starts to pursue the road of this dream by 3 founders. So far, Nature Carbon has more than 32 years experience in producing high standard Activated Carbon products, and is the premier producer of Activated Carbon in China, Nature Carbon has been a pioneer in developing advanced products, systems and services for environmental and industrial applications.

With many years of extensive experience and dedicated Activated Carbon technicians, Nature Carbon provides a total range of Activated Carbon with a strong focus on innovation and quality assurance.

Innovation is our cornerstone. Since creating the first activated carbon products from wood base in the 1985s, Nature Carbon has been a pioneer in developing advanced products, systems and services for air and water purification.

Building on our more than 30 years history of innovative product development, we produce a diverse array of products with over 150 different activated carbon formulations engineered from a wide range of raw materials.

Close co-operation between our application specialists, researchers and manufacturing personnel enables NATURE to develop, produce and make use of numerous activated carbon products of different selected grades and base materials.

As a result, each of our activated carbon products has a different surface area, pore size distribution, size and shape. The three main physical carbon types are granular (GAC), powder (PAC) and extruded (pellets). All three types of activated carbon can have properties tailored to their intended application

We complement our activated carbon products with on-site systems and services, as well as reactivation solutions, to help meet your specific needs.