• Wood Based Activated Carbon

    Wood Based Activated Carbon

    NATURE Wood based Activated Carbon, is made from high quality selected sawdust and wood charcoal, by chemical or steam activation. It is widely used for food industry, pharmaceutical industry, auto industry, water treatment, organic solvent recovery, oil and gas recovery and etc.Read More
  • Coal Based Activated Carbon

    Coal Based Activated Carbon

    NATURE Coal based Activated Carbon, is made from high quality virgin coal, by steam activation. This carbon have large surface area, large adsorption capacity and high hardness. It is widely used for water treatment, air purification, solvent recovery, chemical purification and as catalyst carrier. Read More
  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

    Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

    NATURE Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, is made from high quality selected coconut shell, by steam activation. This carbon with strong against pressing, easy to be re-activation and with quick filtration. This series are applicable to be used in gold extracting, chemical analysis, catalyst carrier, drinking water purifying and solution refining in food industry.Read More
  • Honeycomb Activated Carbon

    Honeycomb Activated Carbon

    Honeycomb activated carbon is a new kind of environmentally friendly activated carbon products. Honeycomb activated carbon is made by special formula and technology. After mixed raw material, it is pressed by custom mold and burned at high temperature. Honeycomb activated charcoal has the characteristics of large comparative area, small hole resistance, developed micropores, high adsorption capacity, long service life and so on. It is widely used in air pollution control. The honeycomb activated charcoal has the characteristics of high strength, water resistance, strong acid and strong alkali after water treatment and two burning. It can be widely used in waste water treatment, solvent recovery and adsorption, and the use of various catalysts.Read More
  • Activated Carbon Fiber

    Activated Carbon Fiber

    NATURE Activated Carbon Fiber is the third form of activated carbons, including Cloth and Felt. With large specific surface area, large pore volume and a great part of micropores, ACF has much greater capacity and high speed in performing absorption than that of power and granule activated carbon, and also it has the features of heat-resistance, acid or alkaline-resistance, filtration of waste gas etc. It is widely used for Solvent recovery, air-cleaning and Odor control, Water treatment, made into adiabatic materials, anti-corrosive material.Read More
  • Cartridge Filter

    Cartridge Filter

    NATURE Cartridge Filter, including PP sediment, PP yarn, Activated carbon filter cartridge(CTO,GAC,T33), Multi-folding filter cartridge and Micro pleated filter cartridge, Filter house and filter bag, Reverse Osmosis membrane. Our products apply to water filtering and air purification, which are widely used in drinking water, pharmaceutical, chemical, food beverage, electronic and petroleum industry. Read More
  • Anthracite Filter Media

    Anthracite Filter Media

    NATURE Anthracite filter is made by high quality Anthracite coal, through the selection, powder and screen process, it with good shape, high hardness, anti-pressing and wearing, does not dissolve in acidic, alkaline, neutral water ,and it is popular used in various water treatment.Read More