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Quality Experts

NATURE Carbon makes the "finest" products to enhance production efficiencies, minimize waste, and remove pollutants.

NATURE Carbon got its start in 1985, working with the Chinese government to develop and supply high quality activated carbon for water treatment. Today, Nature Carbon extend its application to more than 150 direct market applications in a wide variety of industries, including Water Treatment, Air Purification,Pharmaceutical Industry, Sugar Decolorization, Food Industry, Solvent Recovery,Desulfurization and Denitrification, Oil-Gas Recovery of Automobile,Silver Impregnated Carbon, Gold Extracting, Military Defensive Protect etc.

As a result, we have earned a reputation for producing high-quality solutions while continuing to set the industry standard with respect to sustainability and safety.

Strong R&D

Nature Carbon owns advanced scientific research equipment and strong technical team, and the large activated carbon production and R&D base,we holds the highest standards in the development, testing, and production of its products.

To establish the basis for the development of new activated carbon products, we work closely with our customers to identify the required product properties and define the specific requirements.

Product development is then carried out in cooperation with competent partners having access to the required raw materials and activation processes.

Our contributions to such development partnerships comprise extensive support in raw material selection and evaluation, advice on process and plant technology, analytical support by our laboratories through to product design support. Develop or acquire products or services which are complementary to its existing business and organization.Continue to develop the technology of its products and services to meet ever-changing customer needs.

Stress quality and professionalism in all areas of its business, its people, its products and services, and its business conduct.Expand the applicability of its technology to all appropriate markets, including commercial and consumer markets.


We are committed to improving our energy efficiency and process technology across our entire global footprint. We combine this knowledge with our technical expertise and, ultimately partner with our customers to create value through innovation and technology. Our strength in research and development is a major reason why we have been an industry leader for more than 30 years in products. We continue to innovate which integrates our expert team of engineers, scientists and researchers with market intelligence and technology leadership to deliver solutions for tomorrow.