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Lignocellulosic Activated Carbon

Activated carbon characteristics: using high quality sawdust, coconut shell and other materials as raw materials, after crushing, mixing, extrusion, molding, drying, carbonization, activation and made.

Originality: adopt non bonding molding activated carbon proprietary technology. Change the traditional way of using coal tar, starch and other traditional binders. Without binder, it depends entirely on the affinity between carbon molecules and the special properties of the raw materials themselves. Scientific formula is made to effectively avoid clogging of carbon pores and fully develop the adsorption function of rich carbon pores.

Improve the predecessor: because the use of high quality wood chips, coconut shell as raw materials, made of columnar activated carbon than the traditional coal ash carbon ash, less impurities, gas adsorption value, CTC account for the absolute upper wind. Product pore size distribution is reasonable, to achieve maximum adsorption and desorption, thereby greatly improving the product's service life (uniform 2-3 years), is 1.4 times the ordinary coal charcoal. There are columnar and spherical particles.

Combined use:

1. Gas phase adsorption

2. Recovery of organic solvents (acetone recovery from benzene, toluene, xylene and acetate fibers).

3. Removal of impurities and harmful gases, waste gas recovery

4, refinery, gas station, oil depot excessive gasoline recovery.

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