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Water Purifier Most Key Components Filter

Water purifier is the most critical is the filter, the filter is not the more the better, the important thing is to filter the material itself. Best Buy a ″ intelligent Multi-level filter to replace the hint ″ function of the water purifier. Purchase also should pay attention to the market claims that the filter 3-5 years do not change, often exaggerated, because the filter is a conventional consumables, activated carbon filter needs to be replaced regularly. Water purifier Installation and after-sales service is very important, in the selection of water purifier, to see whether the brand has a professional after-sales service installation team, such as there are no professionals regularly to replace the filter, regular cleaning, maintenance, disinfection.

After sale, must be strictly in accordance with the product manual operation, often maintain, often clean, often replace the necessary material components, regular replacement of filter elements, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane, and so on, if not replaced, not only the role of safe drinking water, but also caused two of pollution. Some businesses in order to save costs, in the after-sales service shoddy, re-use of the old RO film, so after the door-to-door service, we must see whether the product is vacuum packaging, drying, and retain the replacement parts.