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Activated Charcoal Used In Industrial Waste Water

The rapid development of industry has resulted in a large amount of sewage, and the efficient handling and recycling of these sewage has received more and more attention.

Industrial waste water is mainly from printing and dyeing, oil refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, the composition is very complex, so the treatment methods will be different accordingly.

In the waste water treatment process, the activated carbon is mainly used as a flocculation adsorbent, it can adsorb organic pollutants which is difficult to degrade or toxic to microorganisms. Active charcoal powder is the mostly used, by adding appropriate amount ofpowdered activated carbon for odor removal and decolorizing, it is much efficient in the first step of waste water purification.

Coal based granulated activated carbon has the same effect with powdered activated carbon, but granulated activated carbon is easy to be re-activated, so it is suitable for light polluted waste water treatment; while powdered activated carbon is difficult to recover, so it is widely used in heavily polluted waste water treatment.