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Activated Charcoal Used For Air Purification

Air purification Activated Charcoal is a kind of Activated Charcoal, using high-quality activated carbon by special treatment, specifically used for contaminated air purification. Only the activated charcoal which with high hardness, high strength, porous pores can be used as air purification activated carbon.

Air purification activated carbon, using high-quality virgin coal and through deep activation and unique pore size adjustment process, have rich holes and the size of the hole is slightly larger than the toxic gas. Surface area of the carbon is above 1300m2/g, so it has high efficiency adsorption capacity for benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and other toxic Hazardous gases. It can effectively remove the indoor air gaseous pollutants and harmful odor substances, and thus to reduce pollution, clean air purposes. Main shape is spherical and pellet(spherical active carbon and pellet active carbon), so it is easy to desorption regeneration compared with traditional particles or powdered activated carbon. This activated carbon can greatly reduce the cost.

For industrial areas: a variety of workplace deodorant detoxification and air conditioning filters, air purification machines, central air conditioning filter system, air filters, air purifiers, car filters and so on.