Commercial Opportunity Of Activated Carbon Exist Everywhere Form War To SARS, From Snow Disaster To Earthquake

War, SARS, ice damage and earthquake are several the most severe disaster to human. They threaten human being's survive and environment, but all of these bring commercial opportunity for activated carbon.

Before Iraq War outbreak, the topic talked and most worried about by army and people was how chemical and biological weapons influenced war process and living environment. Although the attack by chemical and biological weapons didn't happened obviously until the end, army did sufficient preparation to precaution the weapons, and activated carbon was extensive used in this war.

Germany, America and Israel cooperated to develop a new type of activated carbon fabric which has been already used to manufactured venting exposure suit, crease-resistant under wear, flying wear, disinfection clothes and so on by NATO armed forces. Such garment can effectively defense poison permeating human body and also has the features that don't get up ash, nonirritating, can be washed, safe and convenient use. In Iraq War, most armies used gas protection equipment including exposure suit, gas mask and so on. People living in the war zone and nearby also used biochemistry-proof equipment. War greatly pushed the markets demand for activated carbon. 

War greatly destroyed Iraqi environment, for example building, especially water source and air suffered severe contamination. Shortage of clean water sources became new death-wound for Iraqi people. Air purification and water pollution treatment were two questions needed to be urgently solved after war. This two projects promoted activated carbon broadly used in Iraq.

Activated carbon was also popular used in SARS. Especially the function of filter and purification used in protective facial masks. Besides, panic caused by SARS virus and government's great attention forced water treatment and air purification to become focus. It was a good news for activated carbon manufacturer and seller. 

The necessity and business opportunity of activated carbon related products greatly showed in the snow disaster happened at the beginning of year 2008. Non-dissipation energy heating bag branded “Bao Shi Jie” exploited by Changde Jingwanjia Environment Protection Co. Ltd is made by activated carbon mixed with other substances. Unrip the gland strip when using, the bag will emanate 50-65℃ heat under the participation of air, and the heat can maintain 12 hours. It is very convenient for people who worked outdoors.

Activated carbon used for water purification and anti-poison respirator were widely used during and after 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake. For example, several tons activated carbon were used one time for Tangjiashan barrier lake. Activated carbon used for family air and water purification would become hot sales after earthquake.