Notices For Activated Carbon Using In Summer

Pay attention to follow items when using activated carbon in summer:
1.Please wash and wipe off dust before using, otherwise these black dusts may affect the cleanliness of the water. But don't use fresh tap water, because once the activated carbon absorbs chlorine and bleaching powder, it will destroy water quality when used through filter.
2.Just depend on simple washing, it can't completely clean the sundries in holes. So it's very important to replace activated carbon at regular intervals preventing activated carbon loses effectiveness because of saturation adsorption. Then it can continually clean hazardous substance. It's better to replace 1-2 times per months.
3.The treatment efficiency of activated carbon is based on dosage. Normally, more dosage, better effectiveness.
4.In order to determine the time to replace the active carbon, users should observe change of the water and pay attention to the result.
When fish medicine is used, remember to take out the activated carbon in order to avoid medicine adsorbed by them.