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Function Of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a widely used industrial adsorbent. It is made from charcoal, various kinds of fruit shells and high-quality coal as raw materials by physical and chemical methods, such as crushing, screening, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening.

Since its inception in 1900, the role of activated carbon in history has been brilliant: first, in the 1920s, the first World War was used to make gas masks; second, in the 1940s, hundreds of water plants with activated carbon deodorization.

These two heroic deeds make people secretly praise the excellent adsorption of activated carbon, and through the adsorption principle of activated carbon, the role of activated carbon has been greatly expanded, such as: decolorization of sugar, military gas masks, cigarette filter tip, water treatment, drinking water purification, detoxification, sober up, treatment. Physical and radiological elements pollution, reduce residual pesticides in the soil, conditioning soil properties, air purifiers, control indoor formaldehyde and so on.

Since the 21st century, the government has attached great importance to the serious hazards of indoor air pollution. The two leaders, Li Lanqing and Wen Jiabao, gave important instructions respectively. For the sake of people's living environment's green health, many consumers know more about activated carbon through decoration pollution. Some pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and even TVOC in the air can be absorbed strongly by activated carbon, and the cost of purchasing active purified air is higher than other purified products. It is much lower, so the use of activated carbon has become the preferred air purification products for the majority of consumers.

In addition, the activated carbon has a complete range, and sealed small bag packaging, convenient, beautiful and environmentally friendly, will not produce secondary pollution, so that you can rest assured that there is no worries, bring health gospel for your family.

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