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Powdered Activated Carbon - Activated Carbon Treated With Sewage

NATURE active carbon company has its unique research on powdered activated carbon, especially in tap water, high purity water purification, food processing industry, beverage decolorization, and so on. The decolorization rate of powdery activated carbon is up to 76%. all over the country. Three bovine powdered activated carbon is also called powder activated carbon, according to its material The quality can be divided into coal powder activated carbon and wood powder activated carbon.


NATURE powdered activated carbon is made of high quality raw coal, superior wood, core shell and other materials, and activated by activating technology and technology. Coal powdered activated carbon is a semi-finished product of coal columnar carbon, and pulverized coal charcoal is processed into columnar activated carbon by forming equipment.

The pore size of activated carbon in NATURE company is different from that of activated carbon in current market, and its adsorption performance is better than that of existing products. The micropores are arranged in irregular pattern, and the uniformity coefficient, specific surface area and iodine adsorption value of the micropores are higher than those of the existing activated carbon products. According to their pore size, they can be divided into: macroporous r>20knm, filter pore 150nm>r>20knm, micropore r<150nm, and ultramicro pore r<50nm.

The most critical parameter of the adsorption of activated carbon is the super determination of micropores and ultramicro. The micropores and super micropores of the NATURE series activated carbon reach more than 96% of the total pore size. Therefore, the "NATURE" activated carbon super microporous product is more suitable for adsorption and filtration of fine particles and fine molecules. Ultra microporous series activated carbon is more suitable for petrochemical, chemical, food, environmental protection and other demanding industries.

NATURE active carbon factory specializes in producing all kinds of powdery activated carbon and supply the price of powdery activated carbon at any time. Please explain your demand and provide you with the most reasonable price or optimal solution. With the characteristics of small density and large adsorption capacity, the technical index is in the leading level in the world. It is widely used in the evaporative emission control system of gasoline vehicles, which can greatly reduce the air pollution caused by automobile exhaust emission, thus achieving the purpose of improving the environment and saving energy.