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Wood Powdery Activated Carbon, Adsorbed Decolorizing Activated Carbon

Appearance: grey black, cylindrical, tasteless, non-toxic.


Characteristics: Wood columnar activated carbon is made of high quality sawdust, coconut shell and so on. It is made from smashing, mixing, extrusion, molding, drying, carbonization and activation.

Because of the use of high quality sawdust and coconut shell as raw materials, the column like activated carbon is lower than the traditional coal - based carbon ash, less impurities, gas adsorption value, and CTC is the absolute advantage. The product has a reasonable pore size distribution to achieve maximum adsorption and desorption, thereby greatly improving the service life of the product (average 2-3 years), which is 1.4 times higher than that of ordinary coal charcoal.

Originality: Wood columnar activated carbon uses non adhesive molding activated carbon proprietary technology. Change the traditional way of using coal tar, starch and other traditional binders. Without binder, it depends entirely on the affinity between carbon molecules and the special properties of the raw materials themselves. Scientific formula is made to avoid carbon hole blockage and give full play to the adsorption function of rich carbon pores.


(1) gas phase adsorption 

(2) organic solvent recovery (benzene gas toluene, xylene, acetone recovery in acetate fiber industry)

(3) impurities and harmful gas removal, waste gas recovery, oil refineries, gas stations, oil depots, excess gasoline recovery.

Product advantages:

1, the service life is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary coal activated carbon.

2, high adsorption and desorption, thereby greatly improving the recovery rate of solvents.

3, high intensity and low ash, the pore size distribution is reasonable.

4, cost-effective, suitable for all organic gas recycling in this field.

5. High ignition point is safe to use.