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Special Fruit Shell Activated Carbon In Food Industry

Sucrose refining can be activated by shell activated carbon, which can be used to decolorization of sugar syrup before being crystallized into white granulated sugar. On the one hand, shell activated carbon can adsorb plant pigments from sugarcane, and can also absorb the colors (such as melanin and caramel) produced in the production process. Powdered activated carbon can be used for mass production and then hot regeneration. The application of granular activated carbon is more flexible, which can be used to deal with the raw materials of sucrose because of the uneven quality and the adjustment of the process.

Natural glycerol

Nut shell activated carbon is used to purify natural glycerol, which is derived from high pressure cracking and vinegar transfer of edible oils and fats or biodiesel. Refined Glycerin is used as food additive to prevent dry cracking of foods, or to prevent changes in food products caused by dry cracking. This characteristic will improve the softness of food and chewiness of cakes and sweets. Powdered activated carbon is used to remove organic impurities from glycerol, such as colored matter and some substances that cause abnormal taste.

Biochemical food

Fruit shell activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon can adsorb syrup pigments, which are derived from citric acid, lactic acid and other biochemical foods. Powdered activated carbon can also be used to improve the conversion efficiency of Biochemistry during fermentation. For the final products of lactate and gluconate, ultra high purity activated carbon products can meet the most stringent cleaning requirements.

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