Industry knowledge

Use Of Activated Carbon Fiber

1, Air Purification: the use of activated carbon fiber to make air filters, can adsorb filtered air O3 SO2 NO2 and odor, gas, smoke and other harmful gases, can be used for rooms, kitchenware and other contaminated indoor air purification.

2, Water purification: Can remove the water in the organic matter and heavy metal ions and musty odor, bacteria and water used for decolorization, used in drinking water industry, beverages, beer, medicine, sugar and other industries in the purification of water, bleaching process and pure water, straight water production equipment.

3, Sewage treatment: can be used for the treatment of chemical, electroplating, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, tanning, pharmaceutical life and other pollution sources of sewage, the removal of organic substances in water, bacteria and organic dyes, especially the high price of metal ions toxic, harmful waste water treatment.

4, organic solvent recovery: benzene, ketone, lipid, alcohol and other types of organic solvents can be adsorbed and recycled. Can be used for the production of plastic paint, film and other solvents, such as recovery equipment, three benzene purification recovery equipment and treatment of waste gas, sewage environmental protection projects.

5, health protection: the use of activated carbon fiber blankets made of gas masks, anti-virus dust masks, anti-virus clothing can have a better adsorption on toxic gases, the material is also suitable for use in the radioactive site closed and partition, radiation equipment, such as screen cover.