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Identification Of True And False Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

1, coconut shell activated carbon belongs to the shell activated Carbon category, its main characteristics are small density, feel light, take in the hands of the weight of the obvious than the coal activated carbon light, the same weight of activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon volume is generally larger than the coal activated carbon.

2, coconut shell activated carbon shape is generally broken granular, flaky, and the formation of activated carbon, such as columnar, many coal-like carbon, spherical, many for peat.

3, because the coconut shell activated carbon density is small, feel light, so you can put activated carbon into the water, coal carbon generally the bottom is faster, while the coconut shell activated carbon floating in the water longer, with the activated carbon adsorption water molecules reach saturation, heavier weight will gradually all sank into the bottom, when all the activated carbon, will see each activated carbon outside all wrapped with a small bubble, crystal clear, very interesting.

4, coconut shell activated carbon for small molecule pore structure, the activated carbon into the water, its adsorption of water molecules when the air will produce many very small blisters (the naked eye just can see), dense non-stop floating to the surface, and coal-activated carbon pore structure controllable, the resulting bubble is also different size.