2017 Active Carbon Market Prospect Analysis: It Is Expected To Be Favored For Long Time

Recently, the strongest fog lead to widespread debate, environmental protection material becomes popular. Activated Charcoal, as a main branch of new materials, its comprehensive excellent adsorption performance and is widely used in almost all the national economy departments, and will continue to show its vitality in 2017. Below is the specific focus on the activated carbon market outlook in 2017.

Activated Charcoal, as a functional active carbon material with strong adsorption capacity, is mainly used in food and beverage, medicine, water treatment and chemical industry. In recent years, people's health and environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, therefore activated carbon products are more and more popular. Development of activated charcoal products also increased year by year.

It is reported that many industrial enterprises development focusing on civil activated carbon production, on the one hand because of active carbon can effectively remove poisonous substances from the office, home, car and so on, on the other hand the increase of social demand for health and environmental protection will bring enormous business opportunities.

According to the report hall of activated carbon industry market research and analysis report preliminary statistics shows that at present it has grown to more than 400 active carbon national enterprises. Active carbon production capacity is more than 500,000 tons, about 210000 tons is for exporting, which is at the first place of the world and has exceeded United States, Russia, Japan. Special high-grade activated charcoal such as high surface area active carbon, high benzene carbon, desulfurization carbon has been developed rapidly. Application of this special grade carbon has penetrated into space, electron, communication, energy, biological engineering and life science fields and departments.

The exports of medicine and chemical industry said, with the continuous improvement of people's life quality and consciousness enhancement of health care, as well as the rapid development of industrial, coconut shell activated carbon and activated charcoal will be as the leading raw material to produce medicines and health products. Active charcoal would be important to the pharmaceutical market conventional leading consumer products. There is an upward trend in the market demand and will become a new economic growth point of the medicine and chemical industry markets.

According to the conservative calculation of the outlook analysis report of the activated carbon market in 2017, the total demand for activated charcoal in China is expected to reach 450,000 tons by 2017, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10 percent.