Large Demand Of Activated Carbon Lead To The Shortage Of Its Raw Material

It is going to be much colder now with frequent rainy days and snowy days, which has greatly affected the activated carbon production in China. Especially the activated carbon factories in North area, due to the investigation and rectification of air pollution, some factories were forced to stop production of activated charcoal, mostly the coal based activated carbon. As a result, the raw material supply is becoming more and more tight, and also with the increase in demand by the end of the year, the price of activated carbon may increase much again. Recently, the market of wood based activated carbon is  relatively active, but the price of phosphoric acid solution is rising continuously, which lead to the increase of its production cost. There is no significant ease of the raw material shortage of coconut shell activated carbon. From the latter point of view, the activated carbon market will keep good under such circumstances that raw material shortage, environmental protection and demand increasing.