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Activated Charcoal For Drinking Water Treatment

The application of activated carbon in water purification has been very extensive at present. With huge surface area and well-developed pore structure, while adsorbing pollutants in water, activated carbon also serves as an ideal habitat for microorganisms in water. Under appropriate temperature and nutrition conditions, activated carbon adsorber is widely used for drinking water treatment and water purification. Steam activated charcoal powder and granulated activated carbon for water treatment is favored by water plants. Powdered activated carbon is generally used by directly throwing into the raw water for the removal of seasonal odors, surfactant and pesticide etc., and also can be used as an emergency response measures in the event of chemical contamination of water sources. The use of powdered activated carbon for water treatment are mostly intermittent operations, according to different water sources it should pay much attention to the control of the feeding ratio, the mixing time and the choice of feeding points. While the use of granular activated carbon for water treatment is generally continuous operations by fixed bed or moving bed, and the activated charcoal used needs regular regeneration.