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Adsorption Principle Of Activated Carbon For Water Purification

Using activated carbon filter to purify water is to use its porous solid surface, adsorption to remove organic or toxic substances in water, so that water purification. The results show that the activated carbon has strong adsorption ability to the organic matter in the 500-1000 range of molecular weight.

The adsorption of organic matter by activated carbon is affected by its pore size distribution and organic matter properties, which is mainly affected by the polarity and molecular weight of organic matter. The same size of organic matter, the greater the solubility, the stronger the hydrophilicity, the worse the adsorption of activated carbon, and conversely, the solubility of small, hydrophilic poor, polar weak organic compounds such as benzene compounds, phenolic compounds such as a strong adsorption capacity.

Water purification of activated carbon is generally used to purify water, remove odor, remove heavy metals and colonies in water, improve quality of water, is the ideal material for water, purified water, high purity water treatment. can also be used for deep purification of sewage treatment.