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Application Range Of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

1. Coconut shell granular activated carbon is often used in gas phase adsorption, which usually allows air flow to be adsorbed through the activated carbon layer. According to the different states of the activated carbon layer in the adsorption device, there are several kinds of adsorption layers: fixed layer, moving layer and flow layer. However, in small adsorbents such as refrigerators and deodorizers in automobiles, gas convection and diffusion are used for adsorption. In addition to granular activated carbon, activated carbon fibers and activated carbon moulds are also being widely used in gas phase adsorption.

2. The air in instrument room, air conditioning room, basement and seabed facilities often contains body odor, smoking odor, cooking odor, oil, organic and inorganic sulfides, corrosive ingredients and so on, which cause the corrosion of precision instruments or affect human health due to external pollution or the influence of crowd activities in closed environment. Activated carbon can be used to purify and remove impurities.

3. Coconut shell activated carbon can be used in the gases discharged from chemical plants, leather factories, paint factories and projects using various organic solvents. It contains various organic solvents, inorganic and organic sulfides, hydrocarbons, chlorine, oil, mercury and other components harmful to the environment. It can be adsorbed by activated carbon and then discharged. Gases discharged from atomic energy facilities contain radioactive substances such as krypton, xenon and iodine, which must be adsorbed by activated carbon before being discharged. The flue gas from coal and heavy oil combustion contains sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which are harmful components of polluting the atmosphere and forming acid rain. Activated carbon can also be used to adsorb and remove them.

4. There are many uses of coconut shell activated carbon for refining gases, such as gas mask, cigarette filter, refrigerator deodorizer, automobile exhaust treatment device, etc. All of them use the excellent adsorption performance of activated carbon to remove toxic, harmful or odorous components from gases. For example, adding 100-120 ng activated carbon to the cigarette filter can remove a large part of the harmful components in the smoke.

5. Activated carbon for desulfurization of mercaptan: Used as carrier for gasoline desulfurization (deodorization) catalyst in catalytic unit of refinery.

6. Vinylon Catalyst Activated Carbon: Used as catalyst carrier in chemical industry, such as vinyl acetate catalyst carrier.

7. MSG Refined Activated Carbon: It can be used for decolorization and refining of mother liquor in MSG production process, and also for decolorization and refining of fine chemical products.

8. Activated carbon for cigarette filter tip: It is used in cigarette filter tip of cigarette industry to remove tar, nicotine and other toxic and harmful substances in cigarettes.

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