Industry knowledge

Powdered Activated Carbon

Spherical activated carbons (SACs) are very interesting materials, which are attracting great attention because of their outstanding physical properties, such as wear resistance, mechanical strength, good adsorption performance, purity, low ash content, smooth surface, good fluidity, good packaging, low pressure drop, high bulk density, high micropore volume and tunable pore size distribution . All these features make Spherical activated carbons suitable for various applications like blood purification, catalysts support, chemical protective clothing, in adsorption processes; both in gas phase (e.g., toluene, CO2, CH4 and H2) and solution (e.g., phenol), as supercapacitors, in medicine for poison adsorption in living organisms, as catalyst supports for hydrogenation reactions, etc.  


1.Purifying water and air

2.Adsorbing, collecting, recovering, separating and refining of poisonous substances

3.Adsorbing and filtering radioactivity substances and microorganism


5.Recovering of solvent and steam

6.Catalyst and catalyst carriers

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