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Physical Properties Of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

1. Coconut shell activated carbon belongs to the category of fruit shell activated carbon. Its main characteristics are low density, light handle and obviously lighter weight in hand than coal-based activated carbon. For the same weight of activated carbon, the volume of coconut shell activated carbon is generally larger than that of coal-based activated carbon.

2. The shape of coconut shell activated carbon is generally broken granular and flaky, while the shape of formed activated carbon, such as columnar and spherical activated carbon, is mostly coal-based carbon.

3. Because coconut shell activated carbon has low density and light handle, it can be put into water. Coal charcoal generally sinks faster, while coconut shell activated carbon floats in water for a longer time. As activated carbon adsorbs water molecules, it reaches saturation.

It is interesting to see a small bubble wrapped around each activated carbon when it sinks to the bottom.

4. Coconut shell activated carbon is a small molecular pore structure. When activated carbon is put into water, the air discharged by it when adsorbing water molecules will produce many very small bubbles (just visible to the naked eye), which float densely to the water surface.

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