Development And Use Of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a kind of tiny carbon granules with large surface area and more tiny holes called capillary. These capillaries have strong adsorption ability and can fully contact with the air impurity because of the large surface area. It is the purifying effect of Activated carbon.
A lot of people have fresh memory of activated carbon masks from the time of SARS. As a kind of internationally recognized high adsorbing material, activated carbon was used for gas mask in the period of World WarΙ. And now it is a new idea that activated carbon used for purifying of automobile and indoor.
Activated carbon is a kind of lacunaris carbonaceous matter with large surface area because of unprimitive gap structure, so it has strong adsorbing capacity and is very easy to contact with the poisonous and harmful gas. To reach this requirement, it need to be very strict for materials choosing, processing and providing. Technical matters for activated carbon shaped can't be solved all the time, so odor removal bags'application overcomes flaws of activated carbon powder and grain that easy scattering, easy pollution and difficult to preserve.