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How To Choose And Buy High Quality Air Purifying Activated Carbon

In recent years, activated carbon has been improved to improve the adsorption capacity of toxic and harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, and is more and more popular with consumers. How can I buy a genuine high quality activated carbon? The following is a "six look" to help you choose.

One look: the business license of the company

From the scope of management: to determine whether a direct manufacturer, or a trading company or a leather bag company.

From the registered capital: the judgment is the big company or the individual small company

From the date of inspection: to determine whether the bankrupt company or unlicensed.

Two look: quality inspection report

(1) from the authority of the testing organization: determine whether the national environmental testing center is certified.

(2) from the inspection organization seal: to judge whether there is qualification. Have,.

(3) test the results of the testing organization: to determine the rate of formaldehyde, benzene and removal rate of activated carbon.

Note: the weight of activated carbon is the same, so there is comparability.

Three see: the standard of enterprise production execution

Regular activated carbon production enterprises must have product production standards, and through the state quality and Technology Supervision Bureau for the record.

Four see: quality management system certification

The quality management of the regular activated carbon production enterprises is particularly strict, and it must be certified through the ISO quality management system.

Five see: technology content of products

(1) whether there is a certificate for identification of high and new technology enterprises

(2) whether the activated carbon produced in the world is advanced in the world, leading in China and won the national "patent".

(3) whether it is combined with the strong power of the world carbon giant and has a strong technical backing.

Six see: corporate reputation and media publicity

(1) whether the credit rating of the bank has reached AAA or AAAA

(2) whether the leaders of the state, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the governor of the province and the international well-known foreign businessmen have visited and inspected them.

(3) whether CCTV, newspapers, books and periodicals have been publicizing.

In short: consumers should pay attention to the identification of no activated bamboo charcoal, charcoal, coconut shell charcoal carbonized material in the purchase of activated carbon; secondly, not to bargain hunting value added, ordinary activated carbon and charcoal activated carbon equivalent. And don't be fooled by fraudulent advertising terms in the market, such as silver loaded activated carbon, formaldehyde, benzene series, catalyst activated carbon decoration, pollution control, nano activated carbon, formaldehyde and so on. It is best to buy from the regular manufacturers, according to the "six look" principle, identify and purchase, in case of being deceived.