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Activated carbon, industrial activated carbon, wood activated carbon, anthracite filter material, and fruit shell activated carbon are a kind of microcrystalline carbon materials, which are made of carbon containing materials with black appearance, developed inside pore structure, large surface area and strong adsorption capacity. There are a large number of unseen micropores in the activated carbon materials. The total surface area of the micropores in the 1 g activated carbon material can be as high as 700-2300 square meters. That is to say, the inner surface area of the micropores is equivalent to the size of a large living room wall in a grain size active carbon particle. It is these micropores that enable activated carbon to "catch" all kinds of toxic and harmful gases and impurities. During the first World War, the German army used gas for the first time. The world's first batch of mask made of activated carbon came into being. With the arrival of the third pollution period marked by "indoor air pollution", urban residents are more and more yearning for and thirst for pure air. All kinds of activated carbon products are entering thousands of families.

The biggest pollution in the decoration is formaldehyde, and formaldehyde can cause the symptoms of cough, sore throat, chest tightness, dizziness and nausea, weakness of limbs, dyspnea, lethargy. The more serious induced nasal, throat cancer, skin cancer, leukemia and other cancers. The cycle of general toxic gas activity is 1-10 years, especially in the first year. During this period, the toxic gases volatilization and release are high, so the harm to the human body is more serious. Excessive formaldehyde in the room is quite harmful to human body, so we must take appropriate measures to reduce the content of formaldehyde.

So, after the decoration to be more ventilated, buy furniture as far as possible to choose the product of environmental protection standard, and then buy some activated carbon in your home, can clean the air Oh!

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