The Proportion Of Activated Charcoal Used For Water Treatment

Activated carbon used for water treatment in developed countries is around 40% of the total amount. Although the output of activated charcoal in China is 110,000 tons, there are 70,000 tons for exporting. Actually there is only 10% of total active carbon used for domestic environmental protection. The application of active charcoal for water treatment started from United States at the end of 1932 for the tap water treatment in Chicago, and it was soon spread throughout the waterworks. Then activated carbon for water treatment was popularized to industrial water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment.

The most strict standard for water quality is drinking water and raw water. There is high requirement for toxic components in water, pH, biological oxygen consumption, odor and so on. Treated by activated charcoal, organic impurities and odors wil be well removed from the tap water. In addition, Ca and Mg will not be lost after treatment by activated carbon.