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Nature Porous Catalyst Carrier Activated Carbon Leads The Market

Nature wood based pellet activated carbon, with high-strength mesoporous and macroporous,  replace alumina catalyst carriers and coal based activated carbon catalyst carriers. Nature Carbon provides 4mm cylinder activated carbon carrier which have large specific surface area (1400-1800 m2/g) and high effective pore size ( 2-10 nanometer proportion reaches 70%). This grade activated carbon have characteristics such as low impurity, high activity and long service life time. The catalyst diffusion is greatly improved and the higher activity can be obtained at a smaller load ratio. Under harsh testing conditions and make sure the conversion and yield, compared with coal based activated carbon, as catalyst, Nature porous catalyst carrier activated carbon’s attenuation dramatic decline but lifetime greatly increase, so as to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Nature porous pellet activated carbon is widely used as catalyst carriers, and it leads the market.

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