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The Active Carbon Is More Widely Used And The Effect Is Better

With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the activated carbon, especially in the decoration of the house, the activated carbon is not strange to everyone.

House decoration is a major event, and the owner will pretend to have a taste of the house according to his own requirements. But the new house has just been renovated and cannot be checked immediately. The problem is a headache for the owner of the house. Now that there is activated carbon, the problem of homeowner's headache has been solved.

Sharing: the related knowledge of activated carbon, adsorption characteristics, carbon particles of activated carbon are very small, the surface area is very large, and there are smaller pores like capillary in the carbon particles. This capillary has a stronger adsorption capacity. Because the surface area of carbon particles is large, it can fully contact with impurities in the gas and play a purifying role. What brand of activated carbon is good?

Catalytic characteristics of activated carbon in the adsorption process will appear catalytic reaction, showing the activity of the catalyst. For example, activated carbon adsorbed sulfur dioxide through catalytic oxidation to three sulfur dioxide. Because of the presence of specific oxygenated compounds or complexes on the surface of activated carbon, a variety of reactions will have the activity of the catalyst, such as chlorine and carbon monoxide production of phosgene.

Therefore, the advantages of activated carbon make it wider and better.

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