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What Are The Effects Of Activated Carbon? Can Active Carbon Be Used To Remove Formaldehyde?

As we all know, all kinds of nuts, charcoal, high quality coal and other raw materials are important components of activated carbon. It is understood that activated carbon is processed by chemical methods and physical methods, such as sieving of raw materials, activation of catalysts, crushing and drying. So, what is the effect of activated carbon? Can active carbon be used to remove formaldehyde?

1. for the manufacture of gas masks

 Activated carbon was first used to make gas masks. With the development of the times, activated carbon has been gradually applied to the deodorization of waterworks. Later, the application of activated carbon is more and more widely, for example: cigarette filter, decolorization of sugar, military drug mask, detoxification, pollution control of radioactive elements, conditioning soil performance, sober, indoor formaldehyde control and other fields.

Activated carbon used in the manufacture of gas mask

2. has a unique pore structure

As we all know, activated carbon is a kind of microcrystalline carbon material, which is made of carbon materials with developed internal pore structure, black appearance, strong adsorption capacity and large surface area. And activated carbon also contains many micropores that we can't see with the naked eye, and these micropores have great uses. It is activated carbon with excellent pore structure that has strong adsorption function.

 activated carbon

3. interaction force

Although the speed of molecular motion is influenced by material and temperature, its motion in the microenvironment is endless. Since the molecules have attractive forces, when a molecule is caught in the pore of the activated carbon by a pore of the activated carbon, it will cause continuous attraction between the molecules until the pores can be filled in the activated carbon.

 activated carbon

4. can adsorb all kinds of harmful substances

It is understood that high quality coconut shell activated carbon can absorb a lot of harmful gases. However, the activated carbon of different materials has different pore sizes, so their adsorption functions are more or less different.

 activated carbon