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Is Active Carbon Useful? The Characteristics Of Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is a very good adsorbent. It is made of charcoal, bamboo charcoal, various kinds of fruit shells and high quality coal as raw materials. It is made by a series of processes, such as crushing, screening, activating, rinsing, drying and screening of raw materials by physical and chemical methods.

Activated carbon

Is activated charcoal useful

High efficiency and environmental protection activated carbon package can adsorb formaldehyde and other indoor harmful gases in the air. It can quickly eliminate the odor of decoration and adjust the space humidity evenly. It has a good effect on the removal of formaldehyde in many regions and outside the room. It is the expert of formaldehyde and antivirus.

Activated carbon has a strong "physical adsorption" and "chemical adsorption", which can adsorb some organic compounds to achieve the removal effect. Using this principle, we can quickly and effectively remove the formaldehyde, making the indoor air direct and rapid improvement.

The adsorption of activated carbon is affected by the temperature, humidity and pressure of the environment. When the temperature is saturated or will be saturated, the adsorbed pollutants will be released when the ambient temperature rises or the pressure is lowered, and the pollutants that are temporarily adsorbed back to the indoor air.

Activated carbon

Characteristics of activated carbon

1, activated carbon is internationally recognized as a drug addict, active carbon masks and gas masks all use activated carbon. This product uses the physical function of activated carbon to deodorization and detoxification. It has no effect on human body without any chemical additives.

2, spray and other drug treatment easily cause two pollution, and may damage the furniture, and activated carbon is physical adsorption, very safe, harmless to the human body, the furniture has mildew proof, anticorrosion effect.

3, some products to promote a one-time removal (experts doubt, unbelievable), and the release of gas in the family is a slow process, so today, the removal of a few days after the taste, and the price is not low. However, the effective adsorption period of "Bei Ankang" activated carbon is 1 years, just matching with it.

4, breathable packaging, easy to use, low cost of activated carbon, can be used repeatedly under the scorching sun, easy to preserve, and will not deteriorate for 5-10 years under sealed conditions.

5, multipurpose use: aquarium water purification, preservation of ancient books and calligraphy are most afraid of mildew and insect bites, refrigerators, toilets, vehicles can achieve disinfection and deodorization purposes. Activated carbon is a human right-hand man for preventing poison, removing poison, decolorizing and deodorizing.

Activated carbon

The principle of active carbon removal of formaldehyde

The principle of activated carbon to clean air is to rely on the developed pore structure and surface area of its own carbon. It can contact the surrounding air to a large extent and passively adsorb some pollutants into their pores, so the larger the surface of the activated carbon is, the more developed the pore structure is, the stronger the adsorption capacity.