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Quality Requirements Of Activated Carbon For Water Treatment

Water treatment Activated carbon has the following three basic requirements: large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption speed, good mechanical strength.

The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is attached to other external conditions, mainly related to the specific surface area of activated carbon, large specific surface area, many pores, and adsorbed on fine pore wall. The adsorption velocity is mainly related to the particle size and pore distribution, and the activated carbon used for water treatment requires that the transition hole (radius 20~1000a) is more developed, which is advantageous to the diffusion of the adsorbed mass to the micro-pore. The smaller the particle size of activated carbon, the faster the adsorption speed, but the head loss to increase, generally in the scope of 8~30, the mechanical wear-resisting strength of activated carbon directly affect the life of activated carbon.