The Demand Of Activated Carbon Has Come To The Peak Season

With the coming of Christmas and New Year, the demand of Activated Carbon has come to the peak season. Recently, both domestic and foreign customers have much enthusiasm for inquiries of activated carbon and activated carbon fiber and other related products etc, and have more orders. However, the activated charcoal industry is experiencing unprecedented environmental inspections, and the peak production has lead to a substantial reduction in operating rates in some areas, which reduced the supply of activated charcoal and increased its price. Especially these two months, many factories of coal based activated carbon have been closed and stopped production due to the serious air pollution, coal based pellet activated carbon is the most serious one, factories need update their treatment facilities for water and air, and waiting for the production approval from government.

Supply of wood based activated charcoal market is also tight, the recent strong demand for phosphoric acid, the basic inventory pressure of the factory. In addition to the high cost of raw materials, labor costs and environmental protection account for a large sum of costs. In particular, the current environmental protection is stringent, the factories need to make environmental upgrades.

Due to the shortage of raw materials, price of coconut shell activated charcoal keeps increasing.

In the short term, under the pressure of environmental protection, the supply of coal based activated carbon will be increasingly tense, which will affect the procurement of domestic and foreign customers, buyers are advised to make procurement plans as soon as possible to avoid the risk of price increases.