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Coconut Shell Activated Carbon For Fire Mask

The fire mask used coconut shell active carbon in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries to import high quality coconut shells as raw materials, using a rotary high-temperature activation furnace, refining treatment and screening. The appearance is black amorphous particles, with high mechanical strength, developed pore structure, large surface area, fast adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, easy to regenerate, durable and so on.

Usage method:

1. During the transportation of activated carbon, avoid mixing with hard material, do not step on it to prevent carbon particles from breaking and affect the quality.

2, storage should be stored in porous adsorbents, so in the process of transportation, storage and use, water immersion must be absolutely prevented, because after water immersion, a large amount of water is filled with active void to make it lose its function.

3, to prevent tar substances from being used in the process of use, tar substances should be forbidden to be brought into the activated carbon bed, so as not to clog the gap of activated carbon and make it lose adsorption. It is best to have the deconcharing equipment to purify the gas.

4. In storage or transportation, fire resistant activated carbon can prevent direct contact with the fire source, in order to prevent fire and activated carbon from regenerating and regenerating completely. After regeneration, steam cooling must be reduced to less than 80 degrees, otherwise the temperature is high, oxygen is encountered and activated charcoal spontaneous combustion.

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